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Letting Go…A Little More

So I will be the first to admit that I have a pretty strong Type A personality. I like things structured, in order and I love to check off a box. I’ve learned that these can be great qualities, however not at the cost of connection, especially with my kiddos. I can sometimes get so caught up in “the plan” that I can be short on patience when they deviate from the plan, as a result often missing a beautiful moment to engage and connect with them. So all these great qualities can also be huge life and joy stealers if I’m not careful. I’m not going to lie, some days I am way better at it than others, but my goal this month (remember, change is all about baby steps sometimes…one step closer to building a new habit) is to learn how to let go a little more and not allow my expectations to come before connection.

(This hangs right above my desk in our school room)

This is a challenging goal, especially because I am such a planner! Now, I’m not just throwing all planning and structure out the window (that’s way too outside my comfort zone)! I’m just working on allowing more flexibility in our days as an interest or passion takes flight. The biggest challenge for me is to take a deep breath and really be O.K. with the detour. (Believe me, kids can sniff out stress in mama pretty quick)! It’s a good time for me to remind myself, this is one of the reasons I chose to homeschool my kids, so they can engage in more passion led learning and grow a deep love of learning.

As a surprising (and kind of not surprising) result so far, I have noticed that I am experiencing so much more joy these past couple of weeks. This is probably a no brainer, that when you let go of control, everyone is happier…but sometimes in the thick of busy schedules and more structured days, you can really lose sight of that truth. It’s like there is a fresh stirring of excitement and passion in our homeschool as well. Like a breath of fresh air, which is so good for all of us to breath in deeply as this school year comes to an end.

My hope for this stage in my journey is that I will develop more of a consistent habit of knowing when I need to let go a little more in our days so we can be richly filled with life, joy and renewed passion. If you are anything like me, my hope is that you will take on this challenge as well and let go a little more. The results are so worth it, and I think my kids are especially grateful for this new habit I’m forming as well. And that’s what a huge part of my journey is all about right now, deep connections with my little treasures! Take a deep breath mama, and take another step toward more JOY!

Finding joy,


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