My Journey

When You Get Kicked Down…

So after writing that last post, I felt the opposition come on strong. I knew before I wrote it, it was one the enemy would not be too happy about, but I also knew I needed to write it. Even if it was just for me to go back and read, it was truth that needed to be written down. All that to say, it was just a few days after I wrote it that I got sick. It was also just a few days before I was planning on taking my daughter on a mother/daughter retreat. Hmm…two things that invite freedom and joy into my life. So I knew I was facing an attack.

At first I felt so strong in my fight, but as I continued to feel worse, the discouragement snuck in. At one point I was laying on the couch and tears just began to flow. It’s not always easy staying strong in the midst of getting kicked down. Thoughts from last year at this time came sweeping into my mind. It was this exact time last year when I was planning to take my daughter on the mother/daughter retreat and lead worship as well,(which at that time I hadn’t done in years) that I came down with pneumonia. I had to miss the entire retreat. So the fear was creeping in as I felt my cold lingering into my chest. I had moments of hope then discouragement, faith then doubt, fear then fighting. It was up and down and all over the place. Long story short, I finally felt better on Thursday, was able to take my daughter the retreat, led worship, and had such an amazing time.

Here’s the real struggle though…saying yes to God is such a beautiful thing, but I know it also makes the enemy very upset and he comes lurking in to steal it away from us. He tries so many dirty little tactics to discourage and derail us from the abundant life God has for us. For some of us, me included, this makes stepping out in faith and saying yes to God sometimes seem just a bit too risky. I think to myself, “If saying yes to God means just waiting for the attack to hit, why do I want to do it?” “Is it really worth it?!”

This is what I am learning on this journey of joy, saying “yes” to God’s prompting opens such an incredible avenue of more freedom and joy in your life. I’m not going to lie, the enemy will probably try to interfere, but this is where some good ol’ fashion grit and courage needs to arise. If we give up whenever we feel attacked, discouraged, defeated, then we let the enemy win and we stay trapped. But if we stand in faith through the trials, he may try to take us out, but he will soon realize his tactics don’t work. I know this is way easier said than done sometimes, and believe me, I need to preach this to myself very often. Probably should have it tattooed to the inside of my eyelids, because it’s hard to keep saying yes when you feel like the attack is just waiting around the next corner.

IMG_9706  IMG_9710  IMG_9625

Just know that saying “yes” really does open the door for freedom and joy, and it not only releases it in your life, but it begins to overflow into those around you as well. I fought in prayer and faith (as well as a lot of essential oils) and I was well enough to take my daughter to the mother/daughter weekend and lead worship as well. I felt so much freedom and joy pour over and through me throughout the weekend and it was
life-giving to my soul. It confirmed so many things for me. Saying “yes” is worth it.

Have you felt God nudging you to take a step of faith, asking you to say “yes” to Him in a certain area of your life? Take a step toward that “yes,” even if it’s a small step. Hold tight to the truth and know that you will find more freedom and joy in your journey as well.

Finding joy,

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