Joy in the Everyday Homeschool

Even though homeschooling is not the main focus of this blog, it is such a huge part of my journey, so I will post here and there about it. Also, as a homeschooling mama, I know that there is a world of comparison and insecurites that daily try to steal our joy. Social media can be such a wonderful source of encouragement and support, but on the flipside, it can also strike a pretty mean blow some days – tempting us to feel less than or not enough. Such lies. But more on that in a future post because I want this one to be focused on joy!

Finding joy in the everyday…the normal, the routine and schedules. I will be the first one to admit this is definitely a journey I’m on and I have in no way arrived at perfection in this. It is a daily habit I am trying to grow in and little by little I am experiencing more and more joy in our everyday norms.

Something I’ve found that brings me so much joy is when I fully engage in learning with my kiddos.  If we are attempting a new art project, I try it right along side them. When they are sketching and painting something in their nature journals, I do the same in mine. When they are doing copywork, I copy something down in my journal that brings me life and encouragement. When they are doing a freewrite, I write a story right along with them. The list goes on and on and yours may look different from mine, but know that it is so wonderful not only for your sake, but for your children as well, when you engage in the things they are doing. And what better way to inspire a love of learning – be their example!





Can I encourage you to pick at least one area of learning this week to join in alongside your kiddos? Pick a fun one too, unless math just lights you up ;). Dive right in, roll up your sleeves, and see if you experience just a bit more joy in your day as a result. I bet your kiddos will experience more as well! Have fun. Enjoy.

Finding joy,



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