My Journey

Joy is a Habit


The other day I took the kiddos on a beautiful field trip, we were out in the vibrant green hills painted with lupine and poppies, exploring streams filled with minnows and other fun creatures to discover. It was pretty magical. I lost track of time though and we needed to be back for a birthday party. Well, we were running late, which is something I really hate. I completely gave into stress – was snappy with the kids and was not being the fun and relaxed mama I had just been moments ago as we were enjoying a beautiful, peaceful afternoon exploring.

As we were driving home, I realized there is nothing we can do to slow time down, we are just going to be late. So I apologized to both of them for being so frazzled and impatient and started focusing on all the positive things I could think of in the situation. We still get to go to a really fun birthday party, we had an amazing afternoon adventuring with friends, and we have a great weekend ahead of us. Wow, did the atmosphere change! We started enjoying each other again, seeing the beauty in our time together and even though we were late to the party, we had such a great time!

This is how we usher the habit of joy into our lives more. We allow ourselves grace when needed, we focus on the positives even when the negative things so easily suck us in, and we are thankful for the little things that so often go unseen. It is a habit that is worth forming, even if we are constantly in the forming process, it’s one step closer to more joy! And the more we practice this habit the easier it will become. I’ll be honest with you, being able to pull it together in that stressful moment was not easy for me, but it was so worth the effort. One step closer. More joy. More freedom. Watch the atmosphere change!

Finding joy,


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