Awesome Adulting

What is “awesome adulting?”

IMG_8459“Be the kind of adult that makes adulthood look awesome.”
~ Julie Bogart (Creator of Bravewriter)

If any of you use Bravewriter curriculum or follow Julie Bogart you may already be familiar with the term “awesome adulting.” Julie is the first person I have ever heard talk about it and can I just say, I love this expression! Not only does it challenge me to take care of and invest in me, but it also sets a great example to our kiddos when they see us mamas taking the time to take care of ourselves and showing them how awesome adulthood can be – because don’t we want them to have awesome adulthoods?!

This year I set some goals to improve my awesome adulting, and one of those goals was to start a new hobby that was just for me. I decided to teach myself how to watercolor. It’s always been one of my favorite art mediums and I’ve always wanted to understand it more. So I started perusing YouTube for beginner watercolor tutorials and just jumped right in. I literally started with my kid’s watercolor palette and paint brushes and slowly I’ve been gathering supplies of my own. I have a lot more to learn, but I am SO enjoying the process.

(My first watercolor…I’m a bit obsessed with painting birds at the moment)

Now, it can definitely be challenging finding uninterrupted time to work on a project, but I’ve been working on making it more of a priority…because if it’s not a priority it just won’t happen. At first I was painting during part of the time my kiddos were at their charter school classes one day a week, but those have come to an end so now I have to get creative with my time. I don’t get to paint as often, but I’m still finding pockets here and there to get my brushes wet and spread some color.

I’m going to be honest with you about fighting for this time…I so often hear that voice in my head telling me I “should” be doing something more productive with my time. Uggghhh! I really hate that voice, it is such a robber of joy! It can be a huge challenge for me not to struggle with the guilt of not being more productive, i.e. getting housework done, finishing tasks, checking items off my to-do list, etc. But let me tell you, it is SO worth it! I have been enjoying learning to watercolor so much that I seriously feel giddy when I sit down to work on a new painting. I’ll even think about it during the week and look so forward to the next time I get to paint. What a beautiful way to usher joy into our lives…finding things that stir up passion and excitement in our hearts. Combatting the everyday routine with something new and fresh.

Can I encourage you to find one thing that stirs up passion in your heart this week?! I promise it will bring some much needed joy into your journey like it has mine. Here’s to some awesome adulting!

Finding joy,

**If you want to hear Julie Bogart talk about “awesome adulting” click HERE! Enjoy!


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