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All the Reasons I Shouldn’t Start a Blog

Yes, that was the theme that kept playing on repeat through my head today. Oh-so-many reasons relentlessly pushing themselves to the front of the mind…

“There SO many other ‘mama/homeschooling/family life’ blogs already, so why start another one?”
“And SO many of those blogs look so professional with beautiful pictures and amazing layouts…mine will just be so mediocre.”
“Do I really have time to have a blog amongst all the other bazillion things going on in my life at the moment?”
“Is it really going to be worth all the time and energy to learn how to get a blog all set up and running?”
“Why would anyone want to even read my blog? There are so many more ‘qualified’ mamas out there.”

Oh, the list goes on and on. I was even entertaining the thought to start researching how I could get a refund on the domain and blog space I just purchased! Oh yes, this is the path all these thoughts were quickly leading me down.

So here I am, already being brutally honest and vulnerable. I am honestly feeling like throwing in the towel and I haven’t even made this blog officially public yet (as of while I am typing this)! But somewhere deep down, I hear this quiet voice calling out, “Don’t give in, not yet! You may just reach the one person who needs to hear about the journey you’re on.” This is yet another part of my journey…learning to overcome that voice that tells me I have nothing important to say.

So, for now, I’m going to give it a go. Even if it’s just for me…or that one mama out there that just connects with my journey and finds a glimmer of hope or just the bit of encouragement she needs to not throw in her own towel for the day. I can’t promise a perfect and beautiful layout with professional pictures or the most eloquent and sophisticated words. I can’t even promise perfect consistency when it comes to posting. But my goal and promise to myself is to be real and to just be me…because God sure doesn’t make mistakes in His perfectly and wonderfully made creations. So all this to say, I hope it leads to even more joy and freedom in my life…and if it brings more joy and freedom to just one other mama, then I believe I can call this a beautiful success story.

Here’s to joy and freedom!

Finding joy,

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