My Journey


forest-fog-sunny-nature-615348.jpegSo here I am…first post of my attempt at blogging! Eeek! It’s a mix of excitement and nervousness as well as a bit of, “What am I thinking starting a blog right now in the midst of my ever so busy life?!” But I’m determined to give it a try, even though I will admit it is a bit overwhelming learning how to set everything up. Bear with me as I am in process with this blog just as I am in process on this journey to find joy.

Speaking of this process of finding joy in the journey…I just felt like it was time to document and share this journey God has me on. I have no idea what it will birth into (it may end up just being for me) though I’m hoping it will be a place of encouragment as well as place to discover you are not alone on your journey. Being a mama in the midst of this social media driven world is not easy, and it can be a lonely road at times. Comparison and insecurity so easily creep in trying to rob the joy right out from under us. How do we stay who we really are, stay deeply connected, and stay filled with joy in the journey? That’s what I long to experience in my life, but my heart’s cry is that all of you mamas will experience the same.

Finding joy,

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